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Album: Untitled-Taylor Made Productions (2011)

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Taylor Made Productions, LLC, was formed in 2003 by LesPaul of Chicago, IL and Jai'mee (zha-may) of Southern California.Our music is a blend of socially conscious hip-hop over you can move to and soulful R&B.

LesPaul has been creating original music for well over 20 years and is one of the best to do it. His lyrical delivery is superb and he is by far a force to be reckoned with. His fast Chi-town delivery forces you to pay attention and his talent cannot be denied!

Jai'mee (zha-may) is one of today's Hottest Female Emcee's! Her aggressive flow overshadows some of today's top male and female MC's and her lyrical content is outstanding. Her smooth west-coast vibe and hot hooks, make her one of the best to touch the mic.

These two artists have performed both nationally and internationally, making their presence known in California, Arizona, Chicago, Mexico and even performed in front of our state's capital in Washington D.C's Black Indian March on Washington. They have been featured in newspaper articles and magazines and have worked with and written for some of today's top talent. Taylor Made Productions is the real deal.
The streets are talking and Taylor Made Productions is listening!!